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A New Day.

It’s a new day – awaken to new possibilities, new opportunities, and new heights. Perimeter Summit creates dynamic experiences and spaces for people to opt out of the ordinary and spark the extraordinary.

A Beacon

Be seen by Atlanta’s top talent and Fortune 500 companies. Standout brand signage reaches 272k+ cars daily at the peak of Perimeter Summit, visible for miles from both I-285 and GA-400.

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The Mall

Fresh air inspires fresh ideas. Perimeter Summit’s outdoor workspace is built for utility and activity, with solar pavilions, outdoor wi-fi and power supply, and acres of greenspace for events and everyday activation.

Explore Campus

83 acres of greenspace to stretch your legs and expand your horizons.

Elevated work space. Grounded in greenspace.

A vibrant location with a high supply of energy.

Offering 1.7 million SF of sustainable Class A workspace surrounded by vibrant amenities in a park setting, Perimeter Summit is the ultimate location for teams of tomorrow to grow and thrive.

Discover Perimeter Summit’s four best-in-class buildings and how each offers a unique perspective for top-performing teams.

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